Thanks to the technologies that protect our fabrics. Your sofa will always look like new!

PetFriendly / 
Good for your pupet

A technology developed for all lovers of their pets. It ensures high resistance to scratches and thread pulling and facilitates the cleaning of the fabric from pets’ hair. It does not guarantee 100% resistance to bites or intense scratching.


BeClean / 
Stain resistance

A technology developed for the Lech Fabrics and Select by Lech brands exclusively. The water-repellent coating prevents the absorption of liquids of various origin, e.g. water, coffee, wine, juice (regardless of the temperature of the liquid). Any liquids form into droplets, which can be removed from the surface of the fabric with a clean cloth, without using any cleaning products.



A technology that guarantees trouble-free cleaning and removal of stains. You can remove all stains using only hot water and a cloth. There is no need to use chemical agents.


WaterStop / Resistance
to fluid penetration

Technology protecting your sofa from penetration of liquids, whose temperature does not exceed the room temperature The liquid forms into compact drops and does not penetrate deep into the fabric.


FireStop /
Flame Resistant 

Flame retardant fabrics are certified fabrics, characterised by high resistance to fire. Materials do not burn but melt instead, without producing any flammable gases.


CigaretteTest /
Cigarette Resistant

Most of our fabrics are subjected to a test which is informally called the cigarette test. The fabric is resistant to smouldering and flame ignition, whose source is a smouldering cigarette - a frequent cause of fire in households.